Twilight Sparkle is an intelligent unicorn and one of the amazing main characters in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She moved to Ponyville in the first episode Friendship is Magic Pt. 1, and her adventure continues throughout the 2 seasons. Twilight lives in a tree, which is a library, and has an assistant baby dragon named Spike. Twilight learned most of her knowledge by reading books, and most of her magic by being an apprentice of Princess Celestia. In adition to her awsome helper Spike, she has a pet owl named Owlicous, first introduste in the episode Owls Well that Ends Well. Twilight represents the element of Magic.




Twilight has a wonderful personality and she is a great friend to everyone!

"When I relized that you all are my friends!"


Story of FriendsEdit

The Episodes  "Friendship is Magic Part 1" and "Friendship is Magic Part 2" shows how Pinkie Pie, FlutterShy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Apple Jack and Twilight Sparkle meet, and grow in friendship and trust. They all have Elements from the Elements of Harmony! Twilight's is Magic. I strongly suggest you watch these episodes before you watch anything else, or nothing makes sence!!

Cutie MarkEdit

Twilight's cutie mark looks like one big pink sparkle/star thing, and has about 5 or 6 silver sparkles around the large star. She earns it by proving she has magic and she can control it. That happens in Season 1 Episode 12 "Call of the Cutie". As Twilight tells her story you meet Mr. and Mrs. Sparkle. They do not, however, say their names. Or talk for that matter. 


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